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CLAMP Fandom Newsletter
12th-Dec-2005 04:22 pm - News
For the point system, the first reward is up here. Since filtered posting is not allowed in communities, I friended those eligible and posted in my own journal. There is no need to friend me back. Several people left links but don't have enough points yet for the prize, however, I will continue adding names to the list as more links are received. Please inform me (comment or e-mail) if you can not access the reward post but believe you are eligible.

Issue Six has been slightly delayed but expect it up Tuesday or Wednesday along with the first CFN Advice Column!
4th-Dec-2005 12:10 pm - Update
The previous post has been updated with two other episodes (courtesy of mefiant) for members to enjoy.

Please keep sending in letters for the advice column and leaving links to fanworks/discussion (especially authors, it would be extremely helpful)

Thank you ^_^
21st-Nov-2005 11:24 pm - And the winners are...
Aaaaand polls are closed!

The three new advice columnists for the CFN Advice Column are:

Entry Two (Dr. Blossom)--aka, Seishirou Sakurazuka, with 24 votes!
Entry One (Pink Seamstress)--aka, Tomoyo Daidouji, with 16 votes!
Entry Three (The Masked Kitty)--aka, Fai D. Flowright, with 16 votes!

An admirable showing was made by:

Entry Four (Stay-Puft)--aka, Mokona=Soel=Modoki, with 10 votes.
Entry Five (Squeaky Toy)--aka, Inuki, with 8 votes.
Entry Six (Maemi)--aka, Nokoru Imonoyama, with 9 votes.

And once us mods throw darts at a board make an elegant and informed decision, we'll choose a more catchy name than "CFN Advice Column."

Winners, we'll contact you in a day or two with more info.

All of those readers with burning life questions, start writing those letters--you'll be able to submit soon! (Make sure you write as an established CLAMP character, not yourself.)

Ta-ta for now, CLAMP fans.
18th-Nov-2005 04:09 pm - Reminder
The poll will close tomorrow so if you haven't voted yet and wish to, please do it soon!

Also, I will try to have the next issue up this weekend, I apologize for the delay.
17th-Nov-2005 05:42 pm - Advice Column Letters
Please leave any letters for the advice column here.

Remember that the letter must be written by a CLAMP character. Characterization is key. For examples, see the sample letter for the audition.
It's time for that timely time where you, the readers of the CLAMP Fandom Newsletter, decide the fate of the Advice Column. Grab your shinken, buckle your industrial-strength chastity belt, and dive on in!

Pick any three of the letters posted in the below cut. Only members can vote, all rights reserved, do not look into laser with remaining eye.

The contestants!Collapse )

Poll #611133 CFN Advice Column Poll

Who's the cream of the crop? The pick of the litter? Eh? Eh?! (Remember, only pick three.)

Entry One (Pink Seamstress)
Entry Two (Dr. Blossom)
Entry Three (The Masked Kitty)
Entry Four (Stay-Puft)
Entry Five (Squeaky Toy)
Entry Six (Maemi)

Pop quiz! Suggest a more colorful name than "CFN Advice Column," won't you?

8th-Nov-2005 06:33 pm - CFN Advice Column

We've received several applications and I'm tentatively thinking of having the poll up tomorrow (by the lovely pengiesama, mefiant was orginally going to post it but something came up) who has paid user privileges).  Would anyone object to this/is planning to submit an audition letter and needs more time?  If so, please leave a comment here and the poll wil be postponed for several days.  If there are no objections, the poll will be up tomorrow (locked to members) so I hope everyone votes.

6th-Nov-2005 11:21 am - Advice Column
Since the Letters to the Editor / ‘Advice’ Column idea seems to be well-supported, we might as well go ahead with the idea.

The basic idea is that members would write in as CLAMP characters, leaving a screened comment in the appropriate post (which will be up after auditions are over). Following the tradition of such letters, there’s no need to use the character’s name, feel free to leave a clever pseudonym. Characterization is also important, so please try to keep the letters from becoming OOC. Credit for the letters will be given to the authors, so please note in your comment if you want to remain anonymous.

These letters would than be answered by CFN staff, who will be replying as CLAMP characters as well. To make it fair, it is required that interested persons audition for the character(s) they want. You can have more than one character, however, keep in mind that would mean more work and that characterization is key. Staff are required to have a pseudonym for their character (it wouldn’t be fitting for some characters to be caught writing for a newsletter ^_~) and to submit a graphic they wish to be represented by.

To audition, leave a SCREENED comment here, replying as you would for the character(s) you are auditioning for.

Audition LetterCollapse )

There will be a poll in several days so that members can vote for the best entries.
5th-Nov-2005 06:03 pm - News and Questions
Several people have signed up for directories and while hopefully not sounding as if I’m badgering anyone, I’d like to have a status report so I know which directories I need to handle myself. Also, cheloya, you mentioned helping with the Nekoi Tsubaki works. Would you have the time and inclination to take charge of a directory?

I’m a bit concerned at the lack of links I’m receiving. I don’t mind looking for links, it’s just that I feel that I neglect many CLAMP series. The whole basis behind this community is that members would leave links to augment the links I find so as to encompass all the CLAMP series. Leaving links by other people isn’t necessary, if you want to leave a link with something that you’ve written, be it a theory, fanfiction or information, it’ll be more than welcome. Links can be left in the appropriately marked posts (check the userinfo)

I briefly want to mention the articles. There has been some lovely contributions by mefiant and rainmage but I want to encourage everyone to write something if at all interested.

Brief list of suggested topicsCollapse )

Last of all, I have a random idea to toss out for speculation. Would anyone be interested in a ‘Letters to the Editor’/Advice column, CLAMP-style? The idea was that members could write in as a CLAMP character seeking advice, complaining about something, etc. (ex: Kamui complaining about the molestation, saying that it wasn’t in the job contract; Syaoran asking for advice on how to get into Touya’s good graces). Then a panel of CFN staff would answer the questions (comment if interested!) and everything would be posted in clamp_misc and linked to here.
14th-Oct-2005 06:26 pm - Progress Update

Thanks for all your responses to the poll.  We're still in the planning stages right now and everyone's opinion matters.  If you have any suggestions, feel free mention it.

I'm aiming for Issue Three to be up by Sunday, but only if I can get some articles in.  I have one incoming but would like to receive at least one more before posting an issue.  Thus, if you're at all interested in writing something and have some time, please submit something!  Please e-mail me the article before posting in clamp_misc (our repository for articles and whatnot) since posting access is restricted.

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