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CLAMP Fandom Newsletter
Please Read 
6th-Mar-2006 09:42 pm
I've come to realize that there's no way I can keep a community with so many obligations afloat by myself. Not posting for over a month probably was a tip off to most people as well. I won't provide any excuses and take all the blame for not resolving the problem sooner but there are several plans to change things around and keep this community thriving.

1. First, 2 or 3 co-editors are highly needed. If interested, please fill out the following application and mail it here.

LJ name:
Internet service: Dial-up/DSL/Cable/etc
Hours Available/Willing to be Dedicated to Comm: Please be honest!
CLAMP series you've read/are familiar with:
Comments: Any additional information you'd like me to know.

2. A huge thanks to everyone who has contributed with a directory! A post commemorating everyone who has fulfilled the monumental task of posting a comprehensive list of resources for each CLAMP series will up in several days. Anyone who signed up to work on a directory but has not yet posted will be soon receiving an e-mail. The userinfo and staff list will be edited

3. The format of the newsletter has been a slight problem. Writing the blurbs accounts for about half the time I spend working on the digest. Considering each issue takes about five hours, that's a large time investment. One option is changing to the format favored by other newsletter comms (ie: author, title, rating, pairing). I like to hear what everyone suggests before making any radical changes. Please post with any comments you may have on this subject.

4. A newsletter will be posted the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th of each month if enough co-editors are found. Keep your eyes open for a new issue on March 14th!

5. Lastly, a separate journal (clampwatch) has been created to keep track of CLAMP-related lj activity. The communities and journals it watches will be updated throughout the course of the week but drop me a note if I neglect to add a community or journal you think should be included. Any journal or community that has been inactive in 2006 will not be watched.

Thanks for being so patient; CLAMP fans are definitely the friendliest and most generous group in the world!
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