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CLAMP Fandom Newsletter
Quick Update 
28th-Sep-2008 11:16 am
xxxholic-- sweatdrop
Hi everyone,

Just a quick update on how everything is going:

1. We still need STAFF. Please APPLY.
2. More link directories have come up! View our current informal list here.
3. A new layout is in the making. Keep your eyes peeled, it should be up in less than a week.
4. Due to something known as REAL LIFE and also a slight STAFF DEFICIENCY, the first issue is being pushed back another month. However, do not despair. IT WILL COME. We make no empty promises.

And that's all for now, folks!


>>>Additional Notice: Be With You Scans, a CLAMP-centric scanlation group, is currently seeking staff. If you are at all interested in scanlation, in any way skilled in scanning, editing, translating, proofing, or QCing, consider applying there.
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