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CLAMP Fandom Newsletter
New Staff 
13th-Sep-2008 06:28 pm
random-- green tea
Aaaand we're back!

Everybody, say hello to your new (some old) staff members: sakanagi, rabidfangrace, marine_maiden, cardcaptorkiki, milieva, and bottledenigma!

That done, we are still in need of staff, so if you are interested, please apply here. We need more editors as well as directory maintainers; below is a list of the current directory positions which are open for the taking.

Angelic Layer - N/A
Card Captor Sakura - here, maintained by cardcaptorkiki
Clamp School Detectives - N/A
Chobits - N/A
Clover - N/A
Legal Drug - here, maintained by sakanagi
Magic Knights Rayearth - here, maintained by milieva
RG Veda - N/A
Suki, Dakara Suki - N/A
Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle - here, maintained by cardcaptorkiki
Wish - N/A
X/1999 - rabidfangrace is working on it
xxxHolic - here, maintained by bottledenigma

I have not, for the sake of brevity, included any series on here that is less than 3 volumes long, but if you would like to compile a directory for a series not listed above, feel free to apply for the position.

Questions and comments are, as always, greatly appreciated.

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