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CLAMP Fandom Newsletter
1st-Oct-2008 03:32 pm - Halloween
random-- green tea
Happy October, everyone!

To celebrate the advent of a new month, we have revamped the site with a new Halloween-themed layout. Everyone please bow down in awe to clampkingdom, our wonderfully talented layout designer, banner designer, graphics designer, what have you.

For those of you reading this on your friendslist, please come to the comm's main page and have a look! It's really quite nice, I think. ♥

28th-Sep-2008 11:16 am - Quick Update
xxxholic-- sweatdrop
Hi everyone,

Just a quick update on how everything is going:

1. We still need STAFF. Please APPLY.
2. More link directories have come up! View our current informal list here.
3. A new layout is in the making. Keep your eyes peeled, it should be up in less than a week.
4. Due to something known as REAL LIFE and also a slight STAFF DEFICIENCY, the first issue is being pushed back another month. However, do not despair. IT WILL COME. We make no empty promises.

And that's all for now, folks!


>>>Additional Notice: Be With You Scans, a CLAMP-centric scanlation group, is currently seeking staff. If you are at all interested in scanlation, in any way skilled in scanning, editing, translating, proofing, or QCing, consider applying there.
25th-Sep-2008 11:49 am - Magic Knight Rayearth Link Directory
MKR : Umi in pink dress
.:last updated 25 Sept 2008:.

Magic Knight Rayearth Link Directory

Rayearth DirectoryCollapse )
13th-Sep-2008 06:28 pm - New Staff
random-- green tea
Aaaand we're back!

Everybody, say hello to your new (some old) staff members: sakanagi, rabidfangrace, marine_maiden, cardcaptorkiki, milieva, and bottledenigma!

That done, we are still in need of staff, so if you are interested, please apply here. We need more editors as well as directory maintainers; below is a list of the current directory positions which are open for the taking.

DirectoriesCollapse )

Questions and comments are, as always, greatly appreciated.

6th-Sep-2008 09:31 am - Staff Application
random-- green tea

So, in terms of staff, we’ll be needing, again, maintainers for the link directories, and probably a couple of co-editors to help compile the news in various CLAMP fandoms. No prior experience necessary, though if you were a former directory supervisor and/or editor and are still... alive... by all means, we want you back! Just do me a favour and fill out the form below with everybody else so I can get an idea of what you’ve done in the past. :)

As followsCollapse )

Further details will come through email if you are accepted.

Questions? Comments? Fire away.

4th-Sep-2008 08:54 pm - Newsletter Revival
TRC-- I can see the rainbow
Hello everyone,

As you all know, the CLAMP fandom newsletter has been dead for well over 2 years because our lovely lady silvermuse89 has been simply too busy to maintain it. I am here in a fresh attempt to revive the community and get things running again, because I think the CLAMP fandom of all fandoms could use a newsletter most of all, what with all its scattered series and the like.

More in-depth information on what is to happen.Collapse )

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? All are greatly appreciated!

28th-Apr-2007 07:54 pm - Re-opening!
As Mark Twain once said, "Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated." The CLAMP fandom newsletter is going to be revived. Thanks to quietisrafel for volunteering to become a co-editor for the CFN, we've decided to re-open, with an all new format. The CFN will consist of fandom updates, posted in newsletter format, several times a week. Editors will utilize clampwatch to keep track of fandom ongoings and post issues. We will also have a bi-monthly (once every two months) supplement, that is similar to a fan magazine. That will contain fic reviews, articles, and other bits of CLAMP meta, which everyone is encouraged to submit entries for. Additionally, CFN will become public (non f-locked), so that it is more accessible to CLAMP fans.

To that end, I'd be interested in having one or two more co-editors help with the fandom updates, which should be posted approximately once every two days. I'll contact you with more details, once you've submitted an application.

ApplicationCollapse )

Our reopening will be in June, and the tentative starting date is June 3rd.

The userinfo will be undergoing an overhaul, as will the directory system. I plan to e-mail all ljers who have kindly compiled a directory, to ask if they'd be able to maintain those directories. All other directories will be up for grabs, with more information forthcoming in the next post.

Please comment with any ideas or suggestions.
6th-Mar-2006 09:42 pm - Please Read
I've come to realize that there's no way I can keep a community with so many obligations afloat by myself. Not posting for over a month probably was a tip off to most people as well. I won't provide any excuses and take all the blame for not resolving the problem sooner but there are several plans to change things around and keep this community thriving.

1. First, 2 or 3 co-editors are highly needed. If interested, please fill out the following application and mail it here.

ApplicationCollapse )

2. A huge thanks to everyone who has contributed with a directory! A post commemorating everyone who has fulfilled the monumental task of posting a comprehensive list of resources for each CLAMP series will up in several days. Anyone who signed up to work on a directory but has not yet posted will be soon receiving an e-mail. The userinfo and staff list will be edited

3. The format of the newsletter has been a slight problem. Writing the blurbs accounts for about half the time I spend working on the digest. Considering each issue takes about five hours, that's a large time investment. One option is changing to the format favored by other newsletter comms (ie: author, title, rating, pairing). I like to hear what everyone suggests before making any radical changes. Please post with any comments you may have on this subject.

4. A newsletter will be posted the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th of each month if enough co-editors are found. Keep your eyes open for a new issue on March 14th!

5. Lastly, a separate journal (clampwatch) has been created to keep track of CLAMP-related lj activity. The communities and journals it watches will be updated throughout the course of the week but drop me a note if I neglect to add a community or journal you think should be included. Any journal or community that has been inactive in 2006 will not be watched.

Thanks for being so patient; CLAMP fans are definitely the friendliest and most generous group in the world!
28th-Dec-2005 10:43 am - Update
Issue Seven has now been updated with the advice column link and several more fic links, so please check it out!

I also have a quick question for members. Do you prefer a shorter newsletter that is updated more frequently or a longer one that is updated bi-monthly?
22nd-Dec-2005 06:45 pm - Legal Drug Directory
Princess Tutu
Last updated: 14 November 2008. Added two new links, and checked for broken links.
Legal Drug DirectoryCollapse )
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