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CLAMP Fandom Newsletter
Magic Knight Rayearth Link Directory 
25th-Sep-2008 11:49 am
MKR : Umi in pink dress
.:last updated 25 Sept 2008:.

Magic Knight Rayearth Link Directory

» Livejournal

mk_rayearth-a general community
cephirou-a general community
mkr_rewatch-a community rewatching the series together
mkr_drabbles-a community for writeing short fanfiction
mkr_contest_two-a community of fanfiction challenges

» General

Believe-beautifully done
Between Tokyo and Cephiro-about half up
Casstera's Rayearth Page
Essence of Cephiro-Umi/clef flavored
Magic Knight Rayearth Dimention-One of the best ones out there
MAS Magic Knight Rayearth Page-
Orionnmac's Magic Knight Rayearth Page-
Prayers from the Mystic Realm-
Spiral Lights-
Something Eterna-

» Character Shrines

Cake Baking Water Goddess-Ryuuzaki Umi
c.a.n.d.y.g.r.a.m.-Geo Metro
Clef's Palace-Mage Clef
Dreamchild-A Shrine to Lady Asuka
Emeraude-chan-Princess Emeraude
Ferio of the Manga-Ferio
From Me To You-Hououji Fuu
Golden-Eyed Prince-An Eagle Shrine
Hydro Powered-Ryuuzaki Umi
Iridescent Ultramarine-Ryuuzaki Umi
Legendary Fire-Shidou Hikaru
Madoshi Clef-Mage Clef
micropink-a michrosocpic Nova shrine
Mokona-the Definition of Kawaii
Nova's Dimention of Silence-Nova
A Quick Clef Page-Mage Clef
Sese's Shrine to Zazu Torque-Zazu
Soul Lightning-Mage Clef
Umi no Jinja- Ryuuzaki Umi
Water Dragon-Ryuuzaki Umi
Wish I Had an Angel-Ascot

» Relationship Shrines

All You Need Is Love-Umi and Clef
The Fuu and Ferio Shrine-also known as F squared
Green Warriors-Fuu and Ferio
Midori Kaze-Fuu and Ferio
Morning Dew-Fuu and Ferio
Promises Not Needed-Fuu and Ferio
Sea of Emotion-Umi and Clef
Shades of Green-Fuu and Ferio

» Fanlistings

-all the fanlistings approved by TAFL at the time of the most recent update

» Characters
Douce Folie-Emeraude
Honoo no Ya-Shidou Hikaru
In My Life-Alcyone
Loving Peach-Sang Yung (Sanyun)
The Magician-Mage Clef
Noble-Eagle Vision
Petite Jealousy-Primera
Stolen Innocence-Nova
Zephyr-Hououji Fuu
Water Dragon Blossom-Ryuuzaki Umi

» Relationships
Because I Want To See Your Smile-Umi and Clef
Demensional Love-Lantis and Hikaru
Look Into My Eyes-Ascot and Umi
Perfect Match-Fuu and Ferio
Sweet Sorrow-Emeraude and Zagato

» Series
Shinjiru Kokoro-Entire Series
Sacrifice-Season One
Return To Cephiro-Season Two

» Music
Itsuka Kagayaku-Music of Series and OVA
Yasashiku Dakasete-2nd Ending

» Miscellaneous

The Apocryphal Quotes
Magic Knight Rayearth Page Reviews
Rayearth Sound Archive
Run Spot, Run-a parody site
26th-Sep-2008 03:28 am (UTC)
wow!! thanks for the master list
and no one seem to ship Lantis X Hikaru x Eagle
that is so sad!!!!
26th-Sep-2008 03:34 am (UTC)
I am glad to be of service. Now I need to go make the same changes to my personal link directory, Honto no Shiawase. I never realized how out of date it was.
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